I use tons of leaves for compost and mulch on my property. If you bag your leaves in those paper yard waste bags, I'd be happy to pick them up. Saves you a trip to the landfill. Please nothing that has been sprayed with herbicide!! Thanks.
I am seeking some outdoor deco and lights for holidays.
looking for halloween deco
In search of all things kitchen, silverware, serveware, pots and pans, potholders, towels, cutting board, storage containers, unused spices. TIA
I am looking for twin size box spring and metal bed frame for my son!! Funds and tight right now!
Hi i am looking for winter stuff for my kids 2 pairs size 16\18 snow pants for a girl Girls boots size 7 Boys boots size 3 2 pairs snow pants for a boy size 12/14
Hello how you all doing? We are in need of 3-6 & 6-9 fall/winter clothing for our 3 month old little girl. We have no help and can't get a lot for her. We would appreciate anything we can get. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you or your friends can help please contact my mother in law, Kim. Thank you in advance. God Bless.
I am looking for some carpet for our basement ours got ruined when our hot water heater when out if anybody has any carpet we would love to have it thanks deb and Jim
Looking to find rubber interlocking floor squares. Rubbery material for small kids to play on.
Looking for size 29x30 or 30x30 mens pants for my son and size 14 juniors/womens pants Thank you
Wanted: clean and sturdy moving boxes. Free preferred. At least 16 inches on a side.
I have gained 40 lbs this year and am looking for a glider/gazelle type machine to lose this weight. Doctor doesn't want me outside until my heart issues are stable.
I am seeking a rocking chair to help reduce my anxiety. Rocking releases my tension
Looking for an oversized weighted blanket for my medical needs
I am the designated book holder for a group online locally, and am in need of some bookshelves for my garage to hold those.
I have a few tasks that I could use some help with. replacing a dryer hose. fixing a rail on my steps. fixing my tire on my riding mower. finding out what is wrong with my snowblower. finding out why my car wont work. taking some tvs/speakers (might work) to the dump. A lot of this I usually can do (with the exception of car repair) but since I have had a collapsed lung and a couple of stents p...
I have several bicycles that I don't know how to repair. The brakes are loose and at least one needs a tube replaced, which I think I have that tube. Can anyone assist me?
Seeking Black Out Curtains Long Wide windows 84" wide 72" long
I am in need of a full or queen size bed with frame for my elderly mother who will be staying with us occasionally, no pets/smoking please as she has severe allergies and asthma
Looking for a weeder, street broom, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and extension cord
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