22-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am in need of a trundle bed or a bunk bed. My youngest two are out growing there beds & im hoping with a trundle or even bunk bed they will stay out of mine.
21-May-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I need a few parts to repair my weed whacker so if you are wanting to throw away your gas weed whacker I will be more than glad to pick it up. I only need one (I hope!) Thank you kindly in advance!
18-May-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I have two bikes my family shares but they are in need of a tune up. One just needs simple tune up, but the other, the brakes don't work and the gears jump. I will say though, the one that the brakes don't work and the gears jump is the most comfortable of the two bikes, and is priorty for wanting to repair as there are three of us that share these. Thanks!
18-May-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
So... last fall my car quit on the way home from work, noise and all before a total collapse in my driveway. I haven't been able to even afford to get it towed to get it looked at. Maybe a hobbyist can peek at it to help me get an idea? I know before it "collapsed" that I was told it needed a new engine mount bracket. I don't know if the bracket gave, and that's what happened? So I am guessing ...
18-May-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
so I have a mower but I can't get it to turn over? I think it is the battery, but don't have the ability to fix/charge it.
17-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for either a bike (stationary) or and elliptical
3-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a free rabit cage prefer in new to good condition. Also looking for free rabbits prefer white ones.
2-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Don t need mattress, just bed frame for my 12 year old please! Looking for the high bed captain that has drawers under. Thanks!
1-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Im looking for broken flatscreen tvs and pc monitors. any old electronics really, Im building Arcade cabinets and other gadgets out of the parts from these.
1-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I'm pretty handy but my old gas grill just doesn't have enough metal left to bolt new parts to!
1-May-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am in search for a like new 4 in one convertible baby crib for my daughter in law who just moved in with us.
27-Apr-2018Rockford, IL(11 miles)Items Wanted
im in need of fish tank and bird cages as breeding are happing in house holds please contact me if avalable i can pick up in rockford 8159056596 thanks have a nice day
25-Apr-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, my daughter just got her first apartment and needs everything from dishes to furniture and everything in between. If you have things you are looking to get rid of or just taking up space please consider rehoming them and let me know. Thank you.
23-Apr-2018Beloit, WI(9 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a working PC to connect to hardware that does not have a Windows 7/10 driver. Looking for XP or Vista.
13-Apr-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for tall thin dresser
12-Apr-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I need size 22/24 business professional outfit and 9.5 wide pumps. Please help
3-Apr-2018Janesville, WI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I would like either the 1 dozen egg cartons or the 18 egg egg cartons. I need about 2 dozen please.
23-Mar-2018Beloit, WI(9 miles)Items Wanted
need moving boxes, any size
3-Mar-2018Beloit, WI(9 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, I am looking for a long-handled, soft bristled car wash brush in good shape. Thank you!!!
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